[About Shirts]

[About Shirts]

:You’d Be Scared If I Categorized These Things:

Hello! RipTide here and today’s topic is shirts. Yeah, that’s right. SHIRTS. I’ll give you a moment to take in the boringness.



Okay, you probably soaked in it now. Shirts. What’s fun about shirts? Nuthin’. BUT, I’ll make it fun. With Swagger. DEAL WITH IT, BRUH.


Anyway, shirts are articles of clothing that are well-known around the world. They appeared somewhere around 3000 B.C. and were only apart of men’s wear until the 1900’s. There are a surprising amount of types of shirts-I have no idea why you would name a shirt other than “fancy smanshy shirt” and “T-shirt”. I mean, it’s not like someone is going to actually care, right? Anyway, there’s somewhere around 27 types of shirts. Some interesting names are Henley,Halfshirt(I didn’t even want to know),Ringer t-shirt, and, get ready, a Guayabera. Now, that’s an interesting one. Guayabera. Hmph.

[Parts of a Shirt:]

Now, THIS is sad. Somebody devoted about 48-96 hours of their life to explaining turtlenecks and sleeves. Way to go, Mr. Google With No Swag.But I guess I’ll have to devote one-twelfth of an hour to looking at Wikipedia and copying down what I learned about shirts for your boredom pleasure. Here they are:

  • Sleeves: some sleeves could cover half, all , some,or none of an arm. Also, they could also only cover the shoulders or have straps instead of sleeves.
    • Cuffs: Some sleeves(see 2 centimeters above) are distinguished by a cuffs. Cuffs can have buttons or no buttons. There’s 2-3 types of cuffs.
  • Lower Hem: It could hang to the waist or be in a state if a Halfshirt.
  • Body: could be buttoned up or whole. Some also have zippers, but you may as well wear this miracle invention called a “jacket” over a more comfortable shirt.
  • Neck: The neck could be a turtleneck, V-shaped, open,plunged or collared. There’s a bunch of different types of collars, but if I told you about them all, I have a feeling SwaGoogle would crash.
    • some shirts have pockets, even though you have some on your pants(I’m not making an article about pants. End of that discussion…) that you could wonderfully use. Some pockets have buttons or zippers to close them;some just stay open. You can’t have a pockets on a turtleneck shirt, according to Wikipedia.
    • some shirts also have hoodies. Why? I don’t know, dude. But hoodies keep yo head warm n’ fuzzy, and if you wanted to wear one everyday you could buy a sweatshirt or a jacket. Then you could be like me and wear a jacket everyday except that you would have a reason for wearing one. I’m wearing one as I type this. I’m also wearing a shirt. Isn’t that a coincidence…. wearing a shirt while writing about shirts….(not)…..oh, there’s also a pen in my pocket, too.

….and that’s a few things about shirts. If you have any more questions about shirts then A) You are eccentric. Very, very eccentric. and B) write them in the comments.  Or, if you want to get completely INSANE, write another topic I should write about 😀 I think it’s better to do the 2nd option…

*And yes, that IS a picture of a shirt that actually exists. I’m a booknerd to the EXTREME. I’ve read some fandom books( All Rick Riordan, Harry Potter, Divergent, A Wrinkle in Time, The Books of Ember, Narnia, Diary of a Wimpy Kid). I haven’t read The Hunger Games yet because my mom thinks it’s not appropriate for my age. Hey, if I can survive hearing my dad’s conference call, I can read anything! 😛

Signing off,




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