[Analyzing Mercury]


[Analyzing Mercury]


<Hi! It’s RipTide again and today I figured I better do something on here. This topic is Mercury under the category Space. So continue moving your eyes across this page and lower them to The Actual Information Part of This!

[:The Actual Information Part of This:]

Yes, I was quite literal in the last paragraph 🙂


  • Distance to the Sun: 35,983,095 miles
  • Year is equal to about 88 Earthian days(87.97, to be           exact)
  • …. the closest planet to the Sun
  • …. the fastest-orbiting planet in our solar system
  • Radius= 1,516 miles
  • Day is equal to 58 Earthian days 15 hours 30 minutes
    • A year on Mercury only lasts about 30 more Earthian days than its Mecurian day!
  • named after the Roman messenger god, Mercury
    • The god Mercury is Hermes in Greek Mythology
  • Moons consist of Invisible Joe Bob and… joking 🙂 Mercury actually doesn’t have any moons!
  • Mass is 3.28500e23 kilograms

And that concludes some basic information about Mercury! If you’d like to know more, just ask away in the comments!

<Call from [N.A.S.A]:: Answer= immediately>

//This RipTide,do you repeat?//

/* N.A.S.A. Mortal Resources, repeat. Your battery life is low. You should get back to the shuttle now and charge life source. Over.*/

//RipTide,transport to shuttle at 18:23:04 on 11-23-15. Over.//

                                          [RipTideProductions] has signed off                                                    at 18:23:04 on  11-23-15


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