[The Greek Alphabet]


Χαίρετε!(Go to the page called SwaGoogle translator right under About RipTideProductions) This is (obviously) RipTideProductions and today’s topic is the Greek alphabet! I’m currently learning Greek, so this is as useful to me as it is for you(well… maybe a bit MORE useful). I’ll go in order and you’ll see that alot of our letter in the English alphabet are originated from the Greek alphabet.Even the word alphabet has came from Greek.The first letter of the Greek alphabet is the Alpha, and it looks EXACTLY the same as the English A in uppercase and lowercase. So, since the first letter is Alpha, the letter system is called the alphabet. I don’t know where bet came from, though. Maybe they were having a bet at the time they were deciding on what their written communication system was going to be called. Anyway, here’s the actual alphabet in this post. The first letter is the uppercase,second is the lowercase and the word after it is it’s name.


  1. A and a- Alpha
  2. B and β- Beta
  3. Γ and γ- Gamma
  4. Δ and δ-Delta
  5. Ε and ε- Epsilon
  6. Ζ and ζ- Zeta
  7.  Η and η- Eta
  8. Θ and θ- Theta
  9. Ι and ι- Iota
  10. Κ and κ- Kappa
  11. Λ and λ- Lambda
  12. Μ and μ- Mu
  13. Ν and ν- Nu
  14. Ξ and ξ- Xi
  15. Ο and ο- Omicron
  16. Π and π- Pi
  17. Ρ and ρ- Rho
  18. Σ and ς or σ- Sigma
  19. Τ or τ- Tau
  20. Υ or υ- Upsilon
  21. Φ and φ- Phi
  22. Χ or χ- Chi
  23. Ψ and ψ- Psi
  24. Ω and ω- Omega

And that concludes the Greek alphabet! As I told you, many of them have descended into our English alphabet today. Thanks for reading this! 🙂


Signing off,



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