I am Going Away For A Week

Hello people who are reading this! I’m RipTideProductions and I just wanted to let you know that I will be on vacation from December 5-December 12, 2015.
I’ll be going to Disney World and Universal Studios! It’ll be my first time ever going out of my home state (my homee lol), plus going on an airplane. I do not want to go on an airplane.


Anyway, when I get back, I’ll upload pictures to Scratch and on SwaGoogle! WARNING: THE PICTURES MAY BE ONLY CONSISTING OF DIAGON ALLEY STUFF. I AM A NERDY BOOKWORM. But I will try to take some of other attractions, too. I’ll miss my laptop. My laptop= my life. If you take away my laptop, you’re taking away my life. Grr.

I think that’s it…… yeah.That’s it. Well, thanks for reading! I’ll delete this post after I get back and upload pictures. Err… bye?

Signing off,



I need this swaggy sarcastic t-shirt, man.

Hi this is dragon and I’m riptide’s friend so I’m very sad and happy for it ( YOU GO IT!) but Christmas is coming up


And im thinking a secret surprise when she gets back! So plz Support for the shirt plz!!!!!!!!

RipTide- we now have to support a shirt? And I’m back lol. I may re-make this website but with a different address/domain name. I’d go into details, but then it’d get too technical and you’d be like, wut did you just say O.O… XD And yes, you can post on that one, too. Or have this one to urself. Go crazy, man XD



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