Pictures from Florida

Hello! RipTide here and back at my dad’s house(hallelujah).Reason I say that is because my dog, Poseidon, just FARTED in my face on a 5 hour car ride. Anyway, I finally downloaded the pictures we took at Universal Studios and Disneyland. Maybe I’ll rate the boring rides, too. You want to ride the Ellen and Bill Nye the Science Guy ride?

No.Just no.

Anyway, here are some pictures from there. Beware of the overload of Harry Potter pictures O.O Also, if you want to look at them up close, just click n a picture to view them.


I did take more pictures, but I’ll update over time. Okay, question time: How many of you have the Ducky Mo Mo song stuck in your head now?



Ellen’s Energy Adventure(an adventure from the 1970’s…) at Epcot.It’s a 40 minute slow ride. The Dr. Seuss rides at Universal Studios. Well, the Cat in the Hat one was kinda cool. But that’s it, sadly XD

Well… that’s it, I guess. Any questions, ask in the comments or on RipTideProductions profile on Scratch.

Signing off,





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