Top 10: Weird Headlines

Hi there! Yeah, you. The guy in the plaid shirt with a Hello My Name Is nametag. And you, fish that actually talks*. You, sitting in front of the computer screen.

Wow. Anyway,…

Seriously, though. Today’s topic is Top 10 Weird Headlines. It was inspired by one I read while looking at Surprised Patrick pics. Here’s one:


But, I do not know whether these are made up or true. Maybe some are, maybe some aren’t. I just don’t know. I’ll make up a few, though. I dare you to guess which ones are true. To submit your guess, you can comment either below or on Scratch. Label Headlines.


Now, here is what you’ve been waiting for….




Just kidding, bro. Here’s the headlines. If something is just asterisks, then it’s a name.

  1. Mississippi firefighter ******* ******** has most extensive face transplant ever
  2. Students Cook & Serve Grandparents
  3. Florida Woman Calls 9-1-1 after McDonald’s runs out of McNuggets
  4. Cemetery Residents Making a Comeback
  5. Man Finds Needle in a Haystack, Only To Figure Out It Was a Piece of Tin Foil
  6. Man Fined for Pretending to be a GHOST by making ‘woooh’ noises and Waving his Arms About in a Cemetery
  7. Woman Missing Since She Got Lost
  8. “Fish Need Water,” Feds Say
  9. Manure is Not a Health Food
  10. Flying Bear Kills 2 Canadians in Freak Accident.

All i have to say….

Was Frank Zhang one of the two humans….


…..or the bear…..



Signing off,


*= A Percy Jackson Reference


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