About RipTideProductions

Hello and this is RipTideProductions(RipTide for short), the creator of SwaGoogle! My friend, DragonMaster, is also now publishing on this blog as of November 28, 2015. If you want to know more about her, visit her About page. I think it’s better to read hers first, because mine’s….err….. a bit long.. XD. If you want to learn more about SwaGoogle, visit the page called “About SwaGoogle” Anyway, here’s some information about me.


  • //Color// Gray!
  • //Animal// Owls!
  • //Activity// Reading and Programming(Or would that be activities…)
  • //Superheroes// Captain America and Loki(Yeah, that’s right. Go Loki :P)

I also like Legos,Scratch(https://scratch.mit.edu/),Wearing jackets for no apparent reason (i.e- Summer+90 degrees+ Texas=me, wearing a jacket…) and having a pen in my pocket at all times.


  • Hera
  • Umbridge
  • Hypocritical beings

And now for…


  • girls in general. they’re just weird, man(yes, I am a girl…I have problems, mon XD)
  • Open spaces(no where to hide… O.O)
  • Someone dying. Not me dying, but someone else.

Aside from SwaGoogle, I obviously go on Scratch, which is a website made by the all time famous college M.I.T that you can program things on. Yes, I’m a nerd 😛. I also go on Animal Jam, which is a virtual(duh, right?) game where you can get gems,diamonds, chat with friends,go on adventures and  collect items. I don’t obsess with it or anything, so I won’t talk ’bout it much, but my username is either Riptideproductions or Swagoogle for both websites. Imagine that, right?

Also, if you wanted to know which posts are mine, look at the tags and see if it says RipTide or DragonMaster. If one doesn’t say that, DragonMaster’s are usually the funnier, less info, and random ones. Mine are the boring informational posts that named this blog after Google XD

.. And that’s all! If you have any more questions, just ask me in the comments.

Signing off,



If you get this, you’re swaggy XD



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