About SwaGoogle

Welcome to SwaGoogle!This is basically just a website where you can either find random information(RipTide) or read funny stuff (DragonMaster). RipTide is someone who uses Google WAAAY more than a normal person should. So, in honor of her attachment to Google, we made SwaGoogle, Google with SWAG. RipTide is the Google part(her posts are trying to be funny)and DragonMaster is the Swag part(always funny). DragonMaster now also posts on the pointless seriousnessless website, but she isn’t a researching nerd like I am. She said she’s a general nerd. What’s she nerdeh about? Don’t ask me! I’m questioning that mehself.

If you want to be a SwaGoogler, then visit the page called “The SwaGoogle Team”.

Thanks for visiting my site. I command you to visit again, roger that? Kidding. I don’t control you. If you wanna come again, Great! If you don’t because you think it’s unswaggy to visit this website, EH, I don’t care.I  Appreciate your one-time only view 😛

Signing off,

RipTide(Do I need a picture like DragonMaster did?)



 -DragonMaster (hehe look at meh)derpiness.png


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