SwaGoogle Dictionary

I have now realized that not everybody knows what I mean by Ακούσατε! and PJ/HoO. So here are some definitions for yo lol.

  • Ακούσατε= Hello in Greek
  • PJ= Percy Jackson[and the Olympians]- book series
  • HoO= Heroes of Olympus- book series
  • HP= Well… if it’s a computer article, then the brand. Any other topic and it’s Harry Potter
  • Αντίο= Bye in Greek
  • υπογραφή μακριά από= Signing off in Greek
  • SwaGoogle= my website :3 and Swag Google, but in one word
  • PC=Personal Computer- you’ll find this anywhere
  • Mac, iMac,Apple Mac[book]= Macintosh. Yes, that is all of the Mac products’ actual names.
  • AP= Apple, Inc. Sometimes I’ll spell it out
  • MICRO= Microsoft. Again, I’ll spell it out sometimes
  • TOAOS/OOS= The Original and Official SwaGoogle
  • AJ= Animal Jam
  • POPT=Poptropica
  • ASTR=Astronaut
  • RTP= RipTideProductions
  • DICTI/DICT=Dictionary
  • WIKIP=Wikipedia
  • DM=DragonMaster

I think that’s it. I’ll add as I go along 🙂