The SwaGoogle Team

Welcome to the SwaGoogle Team Member List! the SwaGoogle Team is a group of readers who get to choose a username(“RobinSpace32”, for example) and have their users in some posts here and there. Their user could be replacing someone else’s name if I’m telling a story, or just a shout out. Or other things.Like… well, you get the gist. All you gotta do is  tell me what you want your username to be, and if you just want to be on this page, just want to be in posts,just want to be on Scratch, or multiple options.If multiple options, tell me which one you want to do.I’ll also include your username on Scratch projects, too! I will write “used in project” when I use you on Scratch. To tell me your username and where you want to be shown, just try to talk( more like type lol)to me  when I’m available on Animal Jam(my username is either skylarjackie, Swagoogle, or riptideproductions. capital letter don’t matter) or on the comments on Scratch( I’m RipTideProductions). *I don’t ask for any personal information. I’m 11 years old,why would I want your person information XD! But seriously, I don’t need and I don’t want your personal information. I won’t include you anywhere you didn’t want to be. If I do, it’s on accident and just alert me if you want me to change that.This is just for fun! 🙂


SwaGoogle Team Members!

  • King Of The Thing
  • AnimalJam0725–used in a Scratch project/studio
  • SpaceAlieenai—alieennai is pronounced a-leen-neigh
  • DragonMaster

ahem, ahem you forgot MEEE!!! -DragonMaster


Now I didn’t forget yer :D- RipTideProductions


This is my punishment for looking up “riptide”

images Then a random Percy Jackson comes along XD